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The Military Aircraft Avionics Market 2012-2022
Avionics systems are central to the competitiveness and utility of aircraft acting throughout the world. Used within numerous combat situations and for efforts such as search and rescue, surveillance, reconnaissance and humanitarian relief; avionics systems form a central component of a nation’s military aircraft power. This analysis has concluded that worldwide government spending on military aircraft avionics systems will total $16.94bn in 2012.

Spending by governments on military aircraft avionics over the coming decade, 2012-2022, will be pressurised by constrained defence budgets in many Western nations, despite avionics systems’ necessity and importance as part of military capabilities. The US is projected by Visiongain to retain its position as the leading military aircraft avionics national market by the end of the forecast period, but growth within military aircraft avionics is also expected within emerging nations such as India, China, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil, where spending is projected to increase significantly.

The impacts of external events such as the winding down of duties in Afghanistan, coupled with rising military priorities within both the Middle East and Asia-Pacific over the coming decade, are expected to impact the military aircraft avionics market, with spending by governments reflecting geopolitical ambitions as well as fiscal responsibilities.


The Military Aircraft Avionics Market 2012-2022 report examines the global market for spending on military aircraft avionics systems from an impartial standpoint. We offer a review of significant contracting activity based on our close analysis of information obtained from multiple sources. The report draws on a rich combination of official corporate and governmental announcements, media reports, policy documents, industry statements and a gathering of unique expert opinion from experienced industry figures.

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• You will receive a comprehensive analysis of the global military aircraft avionics market from 2012 to 2022.
• The analysis and forecasting has been informed by extensive expert consultation with industry leaders. Within the report, you will be able to read full transcripts of exclusive interviews from two leading companies involved in the global military aircraft avionics market.

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