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China: Auto Parts covers the economic overview, Asia Pacific Automotive Industry overview, China Automotive Industry and Auto Parts Industry overview, production and foreign trade. It also covers the market trends and outlook, industry structure, market trends, policy developments, challenges and outlook, plus the profile, comparative matrix and SWOT analysis of the industry leading players: Weifu High-Technology Co,. Ltd, WeiChai Power Co., Ltd, WanXiang QianChao Co., Ltd, FuYao Glass Group Industries Co., Ltd and NingBo HuaXiang Electronic Co., Ltd.

Executive Summary
CN Auto Parts includes an overview of the Asia Pacific automotive industry, as well as the Chinese auto parts market. Along with the development of the motor vehicle industry, the Chinese auto part industry has witnessed rapid growth in the past few years. Auto parts as the root for the automobile, is a critical and necessary factor in supporting and sustaining the healthy development of the automobile industry. The fast paced development resulted in more rapid emergence of modern technologies and aggressive manufacturing plans. This part of the report also contains information and statistics on China’s auto parts production and foreign trade.

The second part of the report includes the structure and the markets trends in the industry. Part two also includes the policy developments in the industry, as well as the challenges faced and also an industry outlook. market research book

A ranking of the major in the industry would also be provided in the third part of the report. Current leading players in the market include Weifu High-Technology, Weichai Power, WanXiang QianChao, FuYao Glass Group, and Ningbo Huaxiang. This part also includes a comparative matrix of the financial highlights of the companies. A SWOT analysis of the companies can also be found in this part of the report.

Table of Content
1. Industry Profile
1.1 China Economic Overview
1.2 Asia Pacific Automotive Industry Overview
1.3 China Automotive Industry Overview
1.4 China Auto Parts Industry Overview
1.5 Production
1.6 Foreign Trade
2. Market Trends and Outlook
2.1 Industry Structure
2.2 Market Trends
2.3 Policy Developments
2.4 Challenges
2.5 Outlook
3. Leading Players and Comparative Matrix
3.1 Leading Players
3.1.1 Weifu High-Technology Co., Ltd
3.1.2 Weichai Power Co., Ltd
3.1.3 WanXiang QianChao Co., Ltd
3.1.4 FuYao Glass Group Industries Co., Ltd
3.1.5 Ningbo Huaxiang Electronic Co., Ltd
3.2 Comparative Matrix
3.3 SWOT Analysis

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