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* Industry Profile – Overview of the Malaysia Electricity Industry, size of the electricity supply industry, statistics and graphs of the electricity maximum demand, installed generation capacity, generation capacity of major power producers in Malaysia, electricity sales, consumption and generation, Electricity generation mix in Malaysia, reserve margins, regulatory environment, national energy policy, emerging supply industry trust fund.
* Market Trends and Outlook –old and new domestic electricity tariff, new commercial electricity tariff, new industry electricity tariff, power purchase agreement, government five-fuel policy and its impact on generation fuel mix. Hydroelectricity development projects, encouragement of the government to explore renewable energy.
* Leading players & Comparative Matrix – Company profiles of leading industry players, performance, company key financials, major developments and SWOT analysis of competitors.
* Companies mentioned: Tenaga Nasional Berhad, YTL Power International Berhad, Malakoff Berhad and Tanjong Public Limited Company.

Malaysia Electricity provides an overview of the electricity supply industry in Malaysia, the size of the industry, electricity performance including maximum demand, installed generation capacity, sales, consumption, generation and reserve margins. In 2009, electricity maximum demand in Peninsular Malaysia increased to 14,245 MW, from 14,007 MW in the previous year. The regulatory environment, including the energy function, national energy policy and rural electrification, is also covered. market research

The report includes the market trends and outlook of the electricity industry in Malaysia. We examine the old and new electricity tariff, power purchase agreement, generation mix and fuel costs, renewable energy, fuel cells and industry SWOT. TNB, the national utility company, revised the electricity tariff to its consumers effective from March 31, 2009. The new tariff reflects the decline in gas prices as well as the increase in coal prices.

The report also includes the major players in the electricity industry and their SWOT analysis. TNB, the national utility company, has a near-monopoly of the electricity industry in Malaysia. TNB’s core businesses include the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. The leading independent power producers included in our report are YTL Power International Berhad, Malakoff Berhad and Tanjong Public Limited Company.

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* Get market insights and intelligence of the Malaysia Electricity Industry for business planning, strategy formulation, academic and consulting purpose.
* Identify business, joint venture, merger and acquisition, partnership, trading, foreign direct investment opportunities in the Malaysia Electricity Industry.
* Understand your competitors and competitive landscape based on the detailed SWOT analysis and major developments provided

Table of Contents
1. Industry Profile
1.1 Electricity Supply Industry
1.1.1 Industry Size
1.1.2 Electricity Maximum Demand and Installed Generation Capacity
1.1.3 Electricity Sales, Consumption and Generation
1.1.4 Power Generation Utilities
1.1.5 Reserve Margins
1.2 Regulatory Environment
1.2.1 Energy Function
1.2.2 National Energy Policy
1.2.3 Rural Electrification

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