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The Super Grids Market 2012-2022
A combination of ageing infrastructure, rising use of renewable energy sources which need to be integrated into the existing grid, rising demand for electricity, and improvement of energy security are beginning to translate into growth in the super grid market. To tap the full potential of renewables, a super grid is necessary to offset intermittency issues and accelerate deployment of distributed renewable generation. This will also reduce transmission losses offering lower cost electricity, leading to increased industrial competiveness. Over the forecast period many regions and countries will experience strong growth in the super grids market as a number of governments and utility companies rush to upgrade and expand the transmission and distribution infrastructure. As a consequence, it has determined the value of the global super grids market in 2012 to reach $10.01bn.

It expects an increase in public-private partnerships across a number of super grid markets, while technological developments are also projected to evolve to reflect the changing dynamics of electricity transmission and the integration of renewable sources of energy.

National super grids markets for China, India, the US and major European countries will remain central to the super grids market over the forecast period to 2022, as these economies continue to invest heavily in their electricity generation, transmission and distribution networks. Growth in super grid development in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa is forecast by visiongain to be significant, as national, regional and continental electricity grids are interconnected

Unique Selling Points

• Forecasts and comprehensive analysis for the global super grids market between 2012-2022.
• Forecasts and analysis for the 2 super grids submarkets from 2012-2022.
• Forecasts and analysis for 7 regional super grids markets from 2012-2022.
• Forecasts and analysis for 12 national super grids markets for the period 2012-2022.
• Analysis and forecasting informed by extensive expert consultation with industry leaders. You will be able to read full transcripts of interviews from four companies involved in the super grids market.
• 138 tables, charts and graphs that quantify, analyse and forecast the changing dynamics of the super grids market between 2012-2022.
• SWOT analysis of the forces that influence and characterise the super grids market.
• Profiles of 38 leading companies operating within the super grids.

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