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Thailand: Steel covers the industry overview, production including labor productivity and capacity utilization, foreign trade, prices and consumption. It also covers the investments in the industry, anti-dumping tariffs, impact of China’s exports and industry outlook, plus the profile, comparative matrix and SWOT analysis of the industry leading players: Sahaviriya Steel Industries PCL, G Steel PCL, Tata Steel (Thailand) PCL.

Executive Summary
TH Steel includes an overview of the global steel industry, as well as the Thailand steel market. Thailand is one of the largest producers and consumers of steel in Southeast Asia. Demand for steel in the country is expected to reach 12 million tons in 2010. Part 1 of the report also contains information and statistics on China’s production of steel and steel products, as well as the steel trade and steel prices in the country. business credit report

The second part of the report includes the investments in the industry, and the anti-dumping tariff implemented on various countries. It shows a brief picture of the impact on China’s imports and also an outlook of the Thailand steel industry.

A ranking of the major in the industry would also be provided in the third part of the report. Current leading players in the market include Sahaviriya Steel Industries, G Steel, and Tata Steel Thailand. This part also includes a comparative matrix of the financial highlights of the companies. A SWOT analysis of the companies can also be found in this part of the report.

Table of Contents:
1. Industry Profile
1.1 Global Steel Industry Overview
1.2 Thailand Steel Industry Overview
1.3 Production
1.3.1 Labor Productivity
1.3.2 Capacity Utilization
1.4 Foreign Trade
1.4.1 Export Market
1.4.2 Imports
1.5 Prices
1.6 Consumption
2. Market Trends and Outlook
2.1 Investments in the Industry
2.2 Anti-Dumping Tariffs
2.3 Impact of China’s Exports
2.4 Industry Outlook
3. Leading Players and Comparative Matrix
3.1 Leading Players
3.1.1 Sahaviriya Steel Industries PCL
3.1.2 G Steel Public Company Limited
3.1.3 Tata Steel (Thailand) PCL
3.2 Comparative Matrix
3.3 SWOT Analysis
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