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The future of telecommunications is steadfastly driving towards IP convergence. Next generation networks require a reliable and future-proof base for the increasing demands of both fixed and wireless connectivity. Fibre optics communication is currently the fastest and most resilient technology available and already forms the core network of international submarine cables connecting the different regions of the world. In order to anticipate the ever-growing demand for data and the resulting traffic loads, telecom operators and governments alike are rolling-out new terrestrial fibre networks and upgrading existing copper-based ones with fibre technology. Visiongain expects the number of global FTTX subscribers to reach 148 million in 2012.

The installation of fibre networks is at various stages of deployment in different regions. However, all governments have realised the importance of being able to offer fibre in their region and are supporting operators and other infrastructure builders with favourable regulation, economic incentives and funding. Furthermore, internet service providers are increasingly being squeezed by other content providers, such as cable and satellite operators. Fibre networks offer a flexible and durable technology with which to compete in the long-term and ensure customer retention.

Fibre delivered to the premise (FTTP) is driving a market for enhanced and value-added services, such as high definition video streaming, triple and quad play packages and applications such as e-health and teleworking. Fibre offers a stable network for the smooth delivery of high capacity and data heavy services. Visiongain expects to see a strong uptake in such services to the home and business as users expect to be connected at all times and through an increasing number of devices. Marketing Research Companies

The strongest markets for fibre networks are currently in the Asia Pacific region, with a major play by Chinese operators and equipment vendors to match the highly fibred Japanese and South Korean markets. This is driving neighbouring states such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Singapore among others to offer similar connection speeds in their regions. Visiongain expects growth in many European markets, especially in the east which is seeing a rapid number of homes passed in the past year. Middle Eastern spending is also expected to increase, while markets in Latin America have recently publicised a number of fibre-centric strategies in the medium-term.

The report contains 105 tables, charts and figures that quantify, analyse and forecast the FTTX market, and the submarkets and regional and national markets that comprise this overall figure. Visiongain provides forecasts for the period 2012-2017 in terms of value (US$) and subscriber numbers for the global FTTX market, as well as for regional and national subscriber numbers. The report also provides profiles of leading telecom operators and equipment manufacturers operating within the market.

Unique Selling Points
• Comprehensive analysis of the prospects for the FTTX market from 2012-2017.
• 105 tables, charts and graphs that quantify, analyse and forecast the changing dynamics of the FTTX market between 2012-2017.
• Forecasts and analysis for the fibre optics equipment market between 2012-2017
• Forecasts and analysis for broadband service markets from 2012-2017.
• Forecasts and analysis for content submarkets from 2012-2017.
• Forecasts and analysis for national FTTX markets, as well as rest of the world figures and projections for the period 2012-2017.
• Analysis of the forces that influence and characterise the FTTX market.
• Profiles of leading companies operating within the FTTX services and equipment markets.

This report has been compiled by combining information gleaned from a very wide range and rich mixture of primary and secondary research sources, producing a broad industry overview. The study draws on a diverse range of official corporate and governmental announcements, media reports, policy documents and industry statements as a basis for discussing and predicting developments in the FTTX market between 2012 and 2017.

Visiongain considers that this methodology results in an accurate, objective mixture of analyses and forecasts.

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