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In a matter of two years, the tablet has developed from a minor, niche product into one of the world’s fastest growing media platforms. A mere blip on technological consciousness before 2010, it took less than two years for tablets to overtake global netbook PC sales. Millions of consumers are adopting this new technology as a light, portable entertainment and media device, while enterprises are using them to replace notebook PCs, access files and cloud storage remotely, and substitute paper filing systems. Visiongain has calculated that global tablet market will reach $31.86bn in 2012, breaking the 100 million unit shipment barrier the same year.

The Tablet Market Report 2012-2017 forecasts the size, shipments, and value of eight regional markets: North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) and the rest of the world. For each of these, visiongain identifies prevailing trends and strategies that will steer this emerging technology over the five-year forecast period.

Further examined are the vendors and tablet models that have had either tremendous success or crippling failure. Visiongain’s report outlines and analyses the product specifications, pricing schemes, and marketing strategies that have separated a few standout models from a selection now in the hundreds. Using this examination, visiongain ascertains how new entrants can launch a successful product and which categories of tablets will have the most traction in the regional markets. Marketing Research Companies

Forecasted in this report are the projected tablet shipments and market value from 2012-2017, with breakdown by region, vendor, and operating system. Also provided are a SWOT analysis, list of drivers and constraints, as well as case studies of 9 leading vendors to contextualise these findings.

The Tablet Market Report 2012-2017 contains 98 tables and charts to illustrate, analyse and, forecast global and regional tablet markets. It also includes analysis of OEM positioning and strategy for 9 notable players, forecasting for 5 additional vendors on the tablet market, and analysis of 14 leading device models.

Unique Selling Points
• A comprehensive analysis of the global tablet market from 2012-2017.
• 98 tables, charts, and graphs that quantify, analyse and forecast the global tablet market from 2012-2017.
• Forecasts and analysis for 8 regional markets from 2012-2017, by unit sales and market value (US$m)
• Analysis of vendor positioning and strategy in 9 notable players and forecasting for 5 additional players in the tablet market.
• Forecasts and comparative analysis of the dominant operating systems in the tablet market 2012-2017.
• A SWOT analysis that examines the tablet market from 2012-2017.
• Comparative analyses of specifications, strategies, successes, and failures of prominent tablet models, as well as their implications for the broader market.
• Analysis of market drivers and constraints for the tablet market from 2012-2017.

Visiongain telecommunications reports are compiled using a broad and rich mixture of both primary and secondary information to produce an overall industry outlook. In order to provide our clients with the best product possible product, we do not rely on any one single source of information. Visiongain analysts not only interview market-leading vendors, carriers, service providers and industry experts but also review a wealth of financial data and product information from a vast range of sources.

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