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This report presents an in depth analysis of DNA Sequencing market. The study emphasizes on both, the Methods and Instruments/Software of DNA Sequencing in Medical Research, Agriculture & Animal Husbandry and DNA Testing & Forensics application areas. Automated and Non-Automated (Sanger’s, Maxam-Gilbert and Pyrosequencing) DNA Sequencing Methods are analyzed.

The major Instruments/Software segments encompass Instruments (DNA Sequencers, DNA Synthesizers, DNA Sequencing Kits, and Microarray Technology) and Bio-Informatics. In depth Application analysis of Medical Research fields such as Proteomics, Pharmacogenomics and Molecular Diagnostics is also covered. The report provides essential information including market data, segmentation, market size, key trends, M&A, product developments, industry forecasts, corporate intelligence, and other relevant information. The report lists more 380 companies that are engaged in DNA Sequencing services, instrumentation, R&D and supply of products and services. Market Research Companies

Major Contract Research Organizations serving the global DNA Sequencing industry are also covered in the corporate directory section of this report. Estimations and predictions are graphically represented by region, by technology and by product segment. A global perspective is presented along with regional analysis covering the regions of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Japan and Rest of World. The market is analyzed in Dollars and includes 280 plus exclusive exhibits.

Report Highlights

This report may help strategists, investors, laboratories, contract research organizations, biotechnology & Healthcare companies, academic professionals, drug approval authorities, and other organizations to –
* Identify Market Opportunities
* Review and Analyze Global and Regional Markets
* Gauge Market Potential for your Products
* Identify Competition
* Use Market Research for exploring new areas
* Acquire Meaningful Guidelines for Strategic Planning
* Gear up for Market Entry
* Get Actionable Information

Analytics and data presented in each report pertain to several parameters such as –
* Global and Regional Market Sizes, Market Shares, Market Trends
* Product (Global and Regional) Market Sizes, Market Shares, Market Trends
* Technology Trends
* Corporate Intelligence
* Key Companies By Sales, Brands, Products
* Other Strategic Business Affecting Data

Key Report Findings
DNA is the carrier of genetic information in living organisms. It is said to be the blue print of an organism coordinating the various cellular activities and development. It regulates growth and metabolism and controls the traits, for example eye color. The order or sequence of the bases constitutes the specific instruction for a trait or activity. For example, the sequence ATCGTT may code for blue eye color and ATCGCT may express into brown eye color. But complex traits like intelligence appear to be influenced partly by inheritance and partly by environmental condition.

The introduction of DNA sequencing has extensively accelerated the pace of biological research and various discoveries. The quick pace of sequencing can easily be achieved by employing sophisticated modern DNA sequencing technology. This has enabled the large-scale sequencing of the human genome, which is part of the Human Genome Project. The numerous related projects by scientific collaboration have succeeded in generating the complete DNA sequences of for many plants, animals and microbial genomes across the globe.

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Report presents an in depth analysis of DNA Sequencing market


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