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The wind power sector in Brazil has witnessed tremendous and very fast growth between 2006 and 2011. The cumulative installed capacity for wind power has rose by more than 80% during 2006-2011.

The Wind farm auctions process followed by the Brazilian government has been the major contributor towards the unprecedented growth of the wind power market in recent years. The auction process adopted by the government has not only contributed in the past growth trajectory attained by wind power market but it has also led to the favorable platform required for the growth levels to be achieved in the future.

Table of Contents – Industry Report
1. Brazil Wind Power Sector Overview
1.1 By Installed Capacity & Power Generation
1.2 By Region
1.3 By State
1.4 By Entity (Public Service, Independent Energy Producer & Self-producer)
2. Wind Power Reserves
2.1 Onshore
2.2 Offshore
3. Operational Wind Farms by State
3.1 Ceara
3.2 Paraná
3.3 Pernambuco
3.4 Santa Catarina
3.5 Piaui
3.6 Rio Grande do Sul
3.7 Paraíba
3.8 Rio Grande do Norte
3.9 Rio de Janeiro
4. Under Construction Wind Farms by State
4.1 Bahia
4.2 Ceará
4.3 Rio Grande do Norte
4.4 Rio Grande Do Sul
4.5 Sergipe
5. Wind Farm Auctions & Project Commercialization

List of Figures
Figure 1-1: Wind Power Cumulative Installed Capacity (MW), 2006-2011
Figure 1-2: Share of Wind Power in Total Power Sector Installed Capacity, 2011
Figure 1-3: Wind Power Generation (GWh), 2006-2011
Figure 1-4: Forecast for Cumulative Wind Power Installed Capacity (MW), 2012-2016
Figure 1-5: Cumulative installed Capacity by Region (%), March’2012
Figure 1-6: Wind Power Cumulative Installed Capacity by States (MW), March’2012
Figure 1-7: Wind Power Cumulative Installed Capacity by Public & Private Entity, March’2012
Figure 2-1: Onshore Wind Power Potential (GW)
Figure 2-2: Onshore Wind Power Potential by Region (GW)
Figure 2-3: Onshore Wind Power Potential by Region (TWh/Annual)
Figure 6 1: Auction Price Comparison of Wind Power & Natural Gas based Power Projects (BRL/MWh), Aug’2011
Figure 6-2: Share of Wind Power in Total Installed Power Capacity, 2010 & 2014
Figure 9-1: Eolica Technologies – Wind Power Portfolio
Figure 9-2: Wobben – Wind Power Portfolio
Figure 9-3: IMPSA – Brazil Wind Power Portfolio (MW)

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