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Marketdata Enterprises (the leading analyst of the weight loss market since 1989) operates a website: This site is now one of the leading weight loss information and analysis portals on the Internet. BestDietForMe essentially is a real-time data collection vehicle to monitor national online dieter behavior, daily. A total of 1,553 people were included in the 4th quarter 2011 sample–people that filled out an in-depth 40-question online survey. Comparative data for the 4th quarter of 2010 and 3rd quarter of 2011 are included in this report.

Each quarter, Marketdata compiles and analyzes the responses of this sample, producing a wealth of statistics that are compared to previous quarters. The service was begun with the 1st quarter 2005. Companies seeking to measure shifting online dieter preferences for types of weight loss programs, food/exercise/budget/support & motivation and other preferences, will find these reports extremely helpful in tracking fickle dieter behavior. The service is applicable to: providers of weight loss programs/products, health clubs, ad agencies & PR firms with weight loss clients, diet website operators, low-cal food & beverage/diet food mfrs., hospitals & surgeons with weight loss programs—any company trying to reach dieters online.

Statistical tables are supplemented by in-depth analyses and commentary, based on Marketdata’s ongoing research and 22- year knowledge of the weight loss market. Market Research Book


Each quarterly report will track 112 measures, including the following:
• gender
• age (5 categories)
• BMI (body mass index (separately for 5 categories, 18.5-40+)
• Percent opting in for special offers from diet companies
• Percent leaving first name
• Pregnant or nursing percentage
• Medical conditions, percent indicating at least one
• Their diet budget (separately for 6 categories: under $250 to $3,000+)
• Preferred weight loss program location (separately for 8 locations: home, weight loss center,
hospital, worksite, health club, healthcare pro’s office, residential facility, celebrity program)
• Interest in weight loss (bariatric) surgery – percent
• Interest in home delivery of diet food – percent
• Preferred diet counselor format (separately for: self-directed, 1-to-1, small group, large group)
• Type food plan desired (separately for: grocery store food, pre-packaged diet co. food, meal
replacements, liquid supplements)
• Percent interested only in diet plans with pre-planned daily menus
• Percent with special food needs, allergies, food sensitivities
• Readiness to begin a diet program (immediately-6 months)
• Previous types of diet plans used (percent by 18 types)
• Exercise preferences (separately for: online coaching, personal trainer, on-site classes, etc.)
• Psychological support needs: percent identified by analysis as needing… emotional eating support, stimulus control, social eating skills support

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