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The report titled “The US Replacement Tire Market Outlook to 2016 – Driven by Fuel Efficient Tires” provides a comprehensive analysis of market size of replacement tire industry on the basis of revenue, volume and shipments, market segmentation by passenger, light truck, heavy truck, off-the-road and farm tires revenue and shipments and by distribution channel. The report also entails insight on government regulations on import of tires from China. The details on retreated truck tire market size by revenue and volume, competitive landscape and profiles of the major players operating in replacement tire industry and its segments are also discussed in the report.

The US replacement tire market is a fragmented market with the presence of large number of players. The market has experienced growth of ~% with total revenue of USD ~ billion in 2011. The economic slowdown in 2009 has led to a slump in the sales of replacement tires in the US market by ~% but the sales recovered in 2010 as the economy stabilized. In the present scenario, the surging fuel prices are encouraging the consumers to move towards fuel efficient tires. The US replacement tire market is dominated by Goodyear Tire with the market share of ~% and revenue of USD ~ million in 2011. Industry Analysis

The US replacement tire market has showed a steady growth from past four years from USD ~ billion in 2008 to USD ~ billion in 2011. The replacement tires sales in the US market has registered a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~% from 2008 to 2011.

The US replacement tire industry generates a major share of the revenue from the passenger tire segment of the market. The passenger tire segment contributed around ~% of the total replacement tire revenue in 2011. On the other hand, the contribution made by replacement light truck and the heavy truck tire are ~% and ~% respectively in the total replacement tire revenue in 2011. The contribution made by farm and off-the–road tire is very small and their total contribution was registered at around ~% in the total replacement tire revenue in 2011.

The US retreaded truck tire market has witnessed a steady growth in the past three years prior to recession from USD ~ million in 2006 to USD ~ million in 2008. The growth has been influenced by the price of the retreaded tires which costs less in comparison to the new tires. The market suffered a setback during the economic recession in 2009 due to a decline observed in the new purchase of tires. The retreaded truck tire revenue fell down by ~% to USD ~ million in 2009. However the market performance has improved by approximately ~% in 2011 to USD ~ million in comparison to 2010.

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The US Replacement Tire Market Outlook to 2016 – Driven by Fuel Efficient Tires


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