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Engaging KOLs: new thinking on thought leader development

Key opinion leaders (KOLs) play a vital role in the effective development and marketing of drugs and medical devices.

However, restrictions are increasingly being imposed on the ways in which Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and sales reps can access and engage with physicians. Pharma must ensure that all its interactions with KOLs are focused on science and compliant with the various regulations, including the upcoming “Sunshine Act.”

In this more restricted environment, it’s more important than ever to build productive, mutually beneficial relationships with KOLs. How can you enhance your KOL programme and ensure that KOLs value their interactions with your company?

Report Overview

Engaging KOLs: new thinking on thought leader development presents Industry Best Practices for managing KOLs – exploring ways to clarify and measure the role of Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), and examining different approaches to managing the sensitive relationship between Medical Affairs and Sales. Other practical insights include candid feedback from KOLs on their ideal interactions with pharma, and the use of KOL Management software to facilitate effective communication.

This exclusive FirstWord Dossier report draws on interviews with more than 30 KOLs, and features perspectives from 9 industry experts!

Key Report Features

* Interviews with nine industry experts that reveal the industry’s current best practices for KOL recruitment and engagement
* Analysis of which departments within pharma companies should be responsible for KOL list building and recruitment
* Discussion of the different roles played by sales and medical affairs and how to remain compliant while enabling good internal communication
* Discussion of the impact of the PPSA on pharma’s relationships, and what companies can do to mitigate its negative effects
* Discussion and analysis of the metrics being used by pharma to measure the activities of MSLs
* Analysis of the key features that make KOL management software offerings attractive to their end users
* Insights into why and how KOLs want to work with pharma, and into pharma practices that may cause KOL attrition

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