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New Thinking in Patient Adherence

Patient non-adherence is estimated to represent $290 billion per year in avoidable medical expenses in the United States alone. Consumers’ motivations for non-compliance are complex; up to 80% of people are intentionally not taking their prescription drugs as directed.

There is no better time for pharma companies to reflect on their patient-adherence strategies. Not only is it more cost-effective to focus on retaining, rather than acquiring, customers, but it is also an ideal way of working with other stakeholders, as patient-centric policies are implemented in healthcare systems round the world. Moreover, digital innovations are creating new opportunities for stakeholders to join forces in a concerted effort to educate patients about why taking their medications is so essential to their health.

Report Overview

New Thinking in Patient Adherence goes far beyond presenting data on consumer behaviour. This comprehensive and insightful report reveals a shift towards a more holistic approach to the problem, and reviews a wealth of innovative tactics that are being used to address compliance and persistence issues worldwide. You’ll learn about new ways that leading pharmaceutical companies are collaborating with other healthcare stakeholders, including clinicians, pharmacists, payers, and health systems. This up-to-the-minute report also provides details on effective educational initiatives, and the very latest technological solutions, including smart pills and packaging, mobile applications, and remote monitoring.

Key Report Features

* Roundup of the latest intelligence on why consumers do not follow doctors’ orders
* Leading adherence trends – focus on clinical outcomes, and greater coordination among stakeholders (with insights from Novo Nordisk’s DAWN study – showing that collaboration with stakeholders is key)
* Detailed examination of pharma collaborations with pharmacists, physicians, payers, and health systems
* Latest adherence strategies, solutions, and technological innovations

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