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This report supplies information on the Savings Products Distribution Networks Italian market and its competitors: market trends, SWOT and key success factors analysis, major companies performance indicators (total turnover, sector specific turnover, market shares and export quotas), business prospects and trends.

Market overview
This study analyses the business of selling financial, banking, and insurance products to the public via financial advisor networks. We consider net inflows and assets exclusively related to investments placed and managed/administered by financial advisors. Marketing Research Report

Financial advisors must be authorised under a special professional register and may work as contract employees or as exclusive or tied agents (usually to a bank or a brokerage firm), or they may represent more than one firm or be entirely independent.

– Purpose: satisfaction of the client’s need to place financial resources in financial savings or investment products under the guidance of brokerage and/or consulting services;
– Client groups: subjects having varying amounts of capital to invest. The clientele includes a significant number of retail clients as well as institutional clients.

Market and network performance is assessed by examining two types of data:
– net inflows, which is a rate describing the balance between investments placed and investments liquidated within a given time interval;
– Assets Under Management (AUM), which refer to the market value of funds managed or administered by a financial institution.

Both indicators are segmented on the basis of the type of savings into:
– Managed assets, which include :
• Collective Investment Schemes (CIS – Organismi di Investimento Collettivo del Risparmio, OICR), which may put assets in investment funds or open-ended collective investment schemes (Investment Companies with Variable Capital, ICVC – Società di Investimento a Capitale Variabile, SICAV) operated by national or international investment management companies ;
• Investment Funds (Gestioni Patrimoniali in Fondi, GPF) that buy shares in CIS ;
• Securities (Gestioni Patrimoniali in Titoli, GPM), investing directly in stocks and bonds ;
• Insurance products ;?
• Retirement products ;

– Administered assets, composed of:
• Securities;
• Liquid assets.

In order to draw up the Competitors report, the Databank method foresees the screening of the main realities of the sectors and various one-to-one interviews with the selected players. All this is then completed via:
– the gathering of information questionnaires that are filled out by the main companies on an annual basis;
– the checking of the gathered information by a sector expert, using a verification system that guarantees maximum reliability and consistency;
– the processing of information belonging to the Cerved Group about Italian economic realities.

The strategies and performances of the largest players in each sector are looked at in dept in the Competitors report. In all the cases in which a specific source is not indicated, the information published in the report must be intended as extracted and processed from the Cerved Group’s proprietary information. Each sector addressed in the Competitors products may be the subject of a dedicated presentation in the company or developed during a training course on the same subject.

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