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This report supplies information on the Professional Espresso Machines Italian market and its competitors: market trends, SWOT and key success factors analysis, major companies performance indicators (total turnover, sector specific turnover, market shares and export quotas), business prospects and trends.

Product technology:
This report will focus on companies that produce professional espresso coffee machines, including production and sales of replacement parts for these machines.?Most espresso machines produced in Italy are of the “traditional” variety. These are machines with filter holders, which require manual operations to grind the coffee beans, load and insert the ground coffee, brew the drink and discard the waste. Business Research

Traditional espresso machines require a well-trained bartender to grind the coffee to an appropriate consistency, regulate dosage, tamp the ground coffee in the filter holder and brew the coffee for the right amount of time. However, technological innovations in the sector have made these skills less indispensable over time, as many of these processes are automated in semi-automatic and automatic professional machines.

Unlike completely manual (lever-driven) espresso machines, semi-automatic machines have volumetric pumps to automate the process of brewing the coffee by passing water through the filter and into the cup. However, semi-automatic machines still require a bartender to determine the brewing time. In automatic machines, the entire process from ground coffee to the cup is automated.

Super-automatic machines go further than automatic machines, as the entire espresso preparation process is automated (grinding, dosage, brewing and clean-up of waste coffee). These machines can even be programmed to brew single or double shots, and the strength of the coffee can be regulated. This type of coffee machine is becoming more and more popular abroad, where the espresso preparation process is not widely known, even among professional operators.

This report will not cover companies that produce manual and/or semi-automatic espresso machines to be used with coffee pods or capsules.

Espresso machines are used to brew espresso coffee and other related hot drinks.

Client categories
The vast majority of end clients are businesses in the hotel, restaurant and catering sector (hereafter abbreviated “”), or, more specifically:?
– coffeehouses, bars and pubs
– ?hotel restaurants and bars
– traditional restaurants
– ?fast food establishments?
– pizzerias?
– sport and recreational facilities?
– holiday camps and resorts, beach establishments, etc.

The sector can be broken down into the following segments:
– traditional espresso machines:
• manual (lever-driven)?
• semi-automatic?
• automatic
– super-automatic machines

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