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This report supplies information on the sanitary ware and baths Italian market and its competitors: market trends, SWOT and key success factors analysis, major companies performance indicators (total turnover, sector specific turnover, market shares and export quotas), business prospects and trends.

The sector includes various product types that form part of the wider bathroom fixtures/ furnishings sector. Business Research

Product technology: various technology is used in the sector. In the sanitary ware segment, the technology is based on the moulding, firing and varnishing of mineral raw materials (clay, china clay, feldspar and quartz), which based on the grain and porosity become categorised after processing as vitreous china, fine fire clay and fire clay. In the baths segment, the raw materials used are metallic (steel, cast iron) or plastic (methacrylate, special resins, other synthetic materials). These are thermoformed or cast; in the manufacture of whirlpool baths hydraulic and electronic systems are included to power the water jets.

Function: establishment of the bathroom as an area not only for personal hygiene, but also comfort and wellbeing through the creation of a well decorated and tastefully furnished environment.?

Client groups:
– Direct clients : there is a degree of crossover between clients and commercial intermediaries. Direct clients include: wholesalers and purchasing groups, small and large stores specialising in bathroom furniture, general furniture stores, DIY centres, installers, construction companies, contractors and the hospitality industry.
– End customers: these are predominantly private users of domestic bathroom furniture, as well as public and private operators installing sanitary facilities in the tertiary and industrial sectors.

– Sanitary ware, includes:?
• Bathroom ceramics: traditional washbasins, fitted washbasins, surface-mounted washbasins, console washbasins, countertop basins, shower columns, toilets, bidets, storage units, shower trays;?
• Kitchen ceramics; kitchen sinks;?
• Special ceramic products: wash tubs, washbasins and toilets for schools and hospitals, washbasins and toilets for the disabled, small hand washbasins, special items.

– Baths include the following products:?
• Steel and cast iron baths: these are manufactured in various sizes and thicknesses in the traditional rectangular shape. Cast iron baths, which are all imported, are characterised by their traditional style and limited target market;?
• Simple acrylic baths: the materials are lighter, allowing greater variety of shape, the segment is typified by high level functional and design solutions.
• Acrylic whirlpool baths: these are top of the range products. The technology used, based on pumps fitted in between the two shells of the bath and nozzles on the inside surface, allows water jets to create a massage effect. Various luxury models are available, including larger sizes and different shapes, with numerous complementary functions. Combined versions include a shower enclosure.

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