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Saudi Arabia represents the largest healthcare market in the GCC region that possesses a huge potential for further expansion due to rising healthcare needs. The government and health regulatory authorities in the country have been taking keen interest in developing and enhancing healthcare infrastructure for increased accessibility. As per our latest research report, the healthcare sector in the Kingdom is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of around 7 % during 2012-2015 on back of factors, such as rising population, prevalence of lifestyle and infectious diseases, longer life expectancy and improving healthcare infrastructure, among others.

Our new research report, “Saudi Arabian Healthcare Forecast to 2015”, looks into the share of private and public sectors in the country’s healthcare industry. We found that the public sector dominates, and is expected to lead in the coming years. However, developments are also taking place at a face pace in the private sector to meet the growing healthcare needs.
On studying the country’s healthcare industry further, we observed that tier-I cities, like Jeddah, dominate the private healthcare market in Saudi Arabia. We also studied the reasons for growing private investments into healthcare in these locations . The report covers the analysis for top five regions in the country, including details of healthcare infrastructure and professionals, among others.

The report studies the Kingdom’s healthcare industry by dividing it into various segments, including hospital services, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. In the coming years, the pharma industry is also expected to witness strong growth. We found that this is one of the highly prolific healthcare sectors due to the rising prevalence of lifestyle diseases, like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular ailment. Our report includes detailed information about imports and domestic pharmaceutical market. It was also found that leading international companies are heading towards the Kingdom to test new devices and procedures designed to streamline hospital procedures and improve patient care. Market Research

Our research analyzes various crucial factors like medical test rates in private hospitals, consultancy fees, bed capacity and numbers of physicians to provide in-depth knowledge about the industry to the potential investors . On studying the market trends, we found that the Kingdom increasingly focuses on health services during pilgrimage season. The Ministry of Health provides integrated and free health services to pilgrims and visitors during Hajj and other seasons via a network of distinguished hospitals and health centers. Besides, the country is working for the betterment of medical education and related infrastructure. It is laying emphasis on the need to educate young Saudi healthcare professionals in terms of global standards. The report also discusses how consolidation, increasing construction of healthcare facilities, e-health and m-health are influencing the industry’s growth. The study also covers the competitive landscape to help clients understand the market, its structure and progress in the coming years.

1. Analyst View
2. Research Methodology
3. Saudi Arabia: Healthcare Profile
3.1 Epidemiological Backdrop
3.1.1 Diabetes
3.1.2 Cancer
3.1.3 Infectious Diseases
3.1.4 Hypertension
3.2 Health Insurance
4. Emerging Market Trends
4.1 Focus on Health Services during Pilgrimage Season
4.2 Consolidation and Mutual Co-operation – Gaining Popularity
4.3 Rising Healthcare Education Infrastructure
4.4 Growing Construction of New Healthcare Facilities
5. Healthcare Market Outlook to 2015
5.1 Healthcare Infrastructure
5.1.1 Hospital Bed Capacity MOH Hospitals Other Public Sector Hospitals Private Hospitals
5.1.2 Hospital Beds Demand Projection (2012-2015)
5.1.3 Hospital Occupancy Rate and Average Length of Stay
5.1.4 Investment Projection (2012-2015)
5.1.5 Hospital Health Force
5.2 Regional Analysis
5.2.1 Riyadh Overview Healthcare Infrastructure By Professionals Future Outlook
5.2.2 Jeddah Overview Healthcare Infrastructure By Professional Future Outlook
5.2.3 Qaseem Overview Healthcare Infrastructure By Professional Future Outlook
5.2.4 Makkah Overview Healthcare Infrastructure By Professional Future Outlook
5.2.5 Medina Overview Healthcare Infrastructure By Professional Future Outlook
6. Pharmaceutical Market
6.1 Market Overview
6.2 Import and Domestic Production
6.3 Branded and Generic Drugs
7. Medical Device Market
7.1 Market Overview
7.2 Market Segmentation
7.3 Import and Domestic Production
8. e-Health Thriving Unprecedentedly
9. M-Health Gaining Strong Momentum
10. Regulatory Environment
10.1 Medical Device Regulation
10.2 Pharmaceuticals and Drugs Regulatory Environment
11. Competitive Landscape
11.1 Pharmaceutical
11.1.1 GlaxoSmithKline
11.1.2 Sanofi-Aventis
11.1.3 TABUK Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
11.1.4 SPIMACO
11.2 Hospitals
11.2.1 Obeid Specialized Hospital
11.2.2 King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
11.2.3 King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital
11.2.4 Saad Specialist Hospital

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