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As high value-added adhesive products, structural adhesives put forward higher requirements on technical content, manufacturing and use conditions than ordinary adhesives. China’s structural adhesive development mainly relied on the introduction of foreign technology at the initial stage; however, in recent years, with the improvement in technology, expansion of downstream application as well as support from national policies, China’s structural adhesive industry has stepped into the stage of rapid development.

As of end-2011, there were over 280 professional manufacturers of structural adhesives in China, with output hitting 386 kilotons or so, a YoY increase of 17.1%, accounting for more than 7% of the adhesive output over the same period. Organic silicon structural adhesive is the structural adhesive variety with the largest output in China, which was estimated to be 150 kilotons in 2011, sharing 38.9% of the structural adhesive output over the same period, followed by epoxy structural adhesive and polyurethane structural adhesive with 34% and 18% respectively. market research report

Construction, automobile, new energy (mainly referring to wind power and photovoltaic industries) and electrical & electronics are still the main application fields for China structural adhesive industry, nevertheless, following the rapid development of wind power, photovoltaic, new energy vehicle and other emerging markets, the future consumption will shift focus to these areas.

China Structural Adhesive Industry Report, 2011-2012 lays stress on the operating environment at home and abroad, overall situation, market supply & demand, market segments, downstream applications and development prospects of China structural adhesive industry, and makes a detailed analysis on its competitive landscape as well as the operation, development advantages and dynamics of 17 structural adhesive enterprises in China.

China structural adhesive industry, unlike the market of ordinary adhesives, has a high concentration ratio. Foreign-funded enterprises or joint ventures, represented by Fuller, Henkel, Momentive, 3M and Sika, occupy most of the mid to high-end market by virtue of their complete product structure and leading technology. Domestic enterprises like Hubei Huitian Adhesive Enterprise, Shanghai KangDa New Materials, Chengdu Guibao and Beijing Tonsan also hold significant share in some market segments for their earlier entrance, strong technology R&D and independent innovation capabilities. For example, in the market of epoxy resin structural adhesive for wind power, Shanghai KangDa New Material obtained market share of 27.4% and 38.5% respectively in 2010 and H1 2011.

1. Overview of Structural Adhesive
1.1 Definition & Classification of Adhesive
1.2 Definition & Classification of Structural Adhesive
2. Structural Adhesive Market in China
2.1 Operating Environment
2.1.1 Global Market Environment
2.1.2 Chinese Policy Environment
2.2 Overall Development
2.3 Supply & Demand
2.3.1 Supply
2.3.2 Demand
2.4 Competition Pattern
2.5 Downstream of Structural Adhesive
2.5.1 Construction
2.5.2 Automobile
2.5.3 Wind Power & Solar
2.5.4 Electrical & Electronics
2.5.5 Others
2.6 Development Prospect
3. Structural Adhesive Market Segments in China
3.1 Organic Silicon Structural Adhesive
3.2 Epoxy Resin Structural Adhesive
3.3 Polyurethane Structural Adhesive
3.4 Acrylate Structural Adhesive and Others

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