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In 2007-2011, supply of plums in Russia lowered by 19%, from 250 to 202 thousand tons. Growth of supply was seen only in 2009 in comparison with the previous years and that was by 1%. Growth of domestic gross yield and imported plums by 3 and 1.7 thousand tons relatively. The major decline of supply in comparison with the previous years was in 2008, by almost 15%. The factor held responsible for that decline was the decrease of gross yield of plums in Russia by 48 thousand tons.

In 2007-2011, over 66% of plums in Russia were sold domestically. The share of export of the product is not significant. For the period of 2007 to 2011, the volume of consumption of plums in households comprised from 34% in 2007 to 31% in 2010. Market Research Report

In 2007-2011, the value of sales of plums in Russia went down by almost 17%, from 158 to 132 thousand tons. Growth of sales volume against the previous years was noted only in 2009, by 1%. According to BusinesStat forecast, the volume of sales of plums in Russia will be going up by 2% per annum. The volume of sales will reach 146 thousand tons in 2016.

The 2007-2016 Outlook for the Plum Market in Russia contains the essential data, necessary to comprehend the current market opportunities and conditions and to assess the future prospects, covering such points as:
* The overall assessment of the economic environment in Russia
* Cultivation areas and plum yield
* Gross yield and producer prices
* Sales of plums
* The balance of demand, supply and in-stock balance of plums
* The number of consumers and consumption of plums
* The number of buyers and purchase of plums
* Capacity and saturation of the plum market
* Export and import of plums
* Ratings of the industry by economic output and sales revenue

Data on the following market sectors is given separately:
* Industrial processing
* HoReCa
* Retail

BusinesStat prepares reports on the world market of plums in general and reports on the plum markets of SIC, EU and separate countries.
Official statistics from the following source used for preparing the report:
* Official statistics from the following source were used for preparing the report
* Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
* Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
* Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation
* Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation
* Customs Union EurAsEC
* World Trade Organization
* Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

The results of BusinesStat research were applied along with official statistics:
* Survey of fruit consumers
* Audit of fruit retail
* Survey of experts of the fruit market

Basic Characteristics of the Russian Economy
Table 1. Nominal and real GDP volumes, Russia, 2007-2016 (trillion rubles)
Table 2. Real GDP volume and its idex, Russia, 2007-2016 (trillion rubles, %)
Table 3. Fixed investments from all sources of financing, Russia, 2007-2016 (trillion rubles, %)
Table 4. Export and import volumes and balance of trade, Russia, 2007-2016 (billion dollars)
Table 5. Average annual exchange rate of the US dollar to the ruble, Russia, 2007-2016 (RUR/USD, %)

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The 2007-2016 Outlook for the Plum Market in Russia


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