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2012 Deep Research Report on China Automotive Aftermarket Industry was a professional and depth research report on China automotive aftermarket Industry. Firstly the report describes the background knowledge of Automotive aftermarket, including Concepts Classification service, supply chain, competition, development trend market demand supply and relationship, marketing and distributing system and operating mode, related suppliers analysis and success case analysis China United Sates Japan etc auto parts aftermarket business model and comparison, China market history today and tomorrow analysis, and also introduced new invested Opportunities in China auto parts aftermarket industry. What is more, the report use large pages introduce consumer behavior and related service situation of current China market. And also introduced some China economy background and related automotive demand development.

In a word, It was a depth research report on China Automotive aftermarket industry. And thanks to the support and assistance from Automotive aftermarket industry chain related experts and enterprises during QYResearch auto parts aftermarket Research Team survey and interview. Industry Analysis

Chapter One Automotive Parts Industry Overview 1
1.1 Automotive Parts Industry Definition and Classification 15
1.1.1 Automotive Parts Industry 15
1.1.2 Automotive Parts Industry Product Classification 15
1.1.3 China automotive parts market development 20
1.2 Automotive Parts Industry Circulation Characteristics 22
1.2.1 Demand Characteristics 22
1.2.2 Operating Characteristics 24
1.2.3 Characteristics of Vehicle Service 26
1.3 China Automotive Parts Industry Basic Characteristics 27
1.3.1 Automotive Parts Industry Value Chain 27
1.3.2 China Automotive Parts Industry Development History 29
1.3.3 China Automotive Parts Industry In the industry Life Cycle Stage 30
1.3.4 China Automotive Parts Industry Development Trend Analysis 36
1.3.5 China Automotive Parts Industry Entry and Exit Analysis 39
1.4 China Automotive Parts Industry Current Status and Problems Analysis 40
1.4.1 Automotive Parts Industry Occupies an Important Position in the Automotive Industry 40
1.4.2 Vice Plant Accessories are Key Products in Maintenance Market 42
1.4.3 Distribution Channel Complex Price Confusion low Circulation Efficiency 43
1.4.4 Marketing Methods are Backward, the major means of competition is price 43
1.4.5 Market concentration is low, Large number of dealers, regulatory small, low quality 44
1.4.6 Operations is not standardized Counterfeit parts Flooding the market 45
1.4.7 automotive parts City and Auto Parts Fair are automotive parts Marketing Key Method 45
1.5 China Automotive Parts Related Industries Analysis 47
1.5.1 Automotive Market Development Trend Analysis 47
1.5.2 2011 China Car Sales once again to Refresh the global history 55
1.5.3 2012Q1 China Automotive Production and Sales 56
1.5.4 Second-hand Car Market Analysis 61
1.6 Domestic Auto Parts Circulation Pattern 65
1.6.1 Domestic Parts Supply Chain 65
1.6.2 China Aotu Parts Demand Structure 67
1.6.3 China End-users Demand Pattern 69
1.6.4 Automotive Parts City 70
1.6.5 Domestic Auto Parts and the development direction of the circulation 72

Chapter Two Global Automotive Parts Industry Development Status 72
2.1 Global Automotive Parts Industry Development Characteristics 72
2.1.1 Global Automotive Industry Development 72
2.1.2 Global Automotive Parts Industry Status 78
2.2 Japan Automotive Parts Industry Development Status 80
2.2.1 Japan Automotive Parts Market Characteristics 80
2.2.2 Japan Automotive Parts Market Development Composition and Scale 82
2.2.3 Japan Automotive Parts Industry Operation Mode 82
2.4 United States Automotive Parts Industry Development Status 84
2.4.1 United States Automotive Parts Industry Market Scale Characteristics 84
2.4.2 United States Automotive Parts Market Operation Mode 86

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2012 Deep Research Report on China Automotive Aftermarket Industry


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