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The comprehensive LNG report provides complete data and analysis of global LNG industry. Countries, companies and terminals information is provided in detail. All regasification and liquefaction markets are analyzd in detail. Investment opportunities and capital investment forecasts in each country are provided. The report also analyzes business strategies, operations, market structures of LNG markets alonf with information on operators, owners, investment companies, constructors and associated entities. Annual Natural gas reserves, production demand forecasts along with LNG supply and demand outlook to 2020 are provided. Impact of FLNG, small/mid scale LNG and complete details of the terminals are provided in the report. Annual LNG trade movements, prices and sale purchase agreements are provided in the report. Competitive Landscape and detailed SWOT, Financial profiles of five leading LNG companies are provided in the report.

This user friendly research work analyses the world LNG export market in four levels- global level, regional level, country level and terminal level.
• The report provides an outlook of industry, installed and storage capacities, tank and train details, sales and purchase agreements to 2025 along with historical data from 2000
• Global and regional information on natural gas reserves, production and consumption patterns along with major producing fields, their operators and reserves are provided
• The rational of the country to venture into LNG business and the potential benefits of LNG business for the country’s economy are detailed
• Illustrative maps of all the existing and planned LNG terminals in each country is provided
• Each country is benchmarked against five peer markets on four indexes including supply index, capacity index, economic index and operational index
• Positioning map is provided for all regional markets, which categorizes the market into one of the growth life cycle stages (potential, competitive, growth and saturated stages) and provides insights into the potential strategies required to prevail in the market
• Market structure of the industry includes all the players in the industry and their market shares from 2000 to 2020
• Complete construction details including FEED/ EPC contract, constructor details, construction period and operating technology are provided for each of the existing and planned LNG terminal in the country
• All active and announced Sales and Purchase agreements (SPA) (long term export or import contracts) are provided along with purchaser, quantity and duration details
• Trade movements and pricing information by country are provided for a period of six years from 2000 to 2010
• In the terminal analysis section, start year, installed (send- out or processing or liquefaction/regasification) capacity, number of processing trains, storage capacity and number of tanks are provided.
• Operator and shareholders along with their equity in the terminal are also provided for all terminals
• Capital investment of existing and planned terminals, feasibility of planned terminals is also provided
• Source field supplying feed gas to the terminal, connecting pipelines from field to terminal, jetty and other infrastructure, LNG carriers that export or import LNG are provided for each terminal
• Company profiles of five major companies operating in the country’s LNG market are provided
• Latest mergers, acquisitions, contract announcements, trade agreements, terminal expansions and all other news compiled from company websites, news articles, journals and government organizations are provided Industry Analysis

Contents Covered
• Industry Outlook to 2020
• Market Analysis
• Country Benchmarking
• Country Positioning Map
• Market Shares by Company
• LNG Terminal details
• Start Year
• Liquefaction/ Regasification Capacity, 2000- 2020
• Number of processing trains, 2000- 2020
• Storage Capacity, 2000- 2020
• Number of Storage Tanks, 2000- 2020
• Operator and shareholder information
• Constructing Company
• Capital Investment
• Related Infrastructure
• Source Field Information
• LNG Carrier Information
• Prices
• LNG Prices paid by export/import country, 2002- 2010
• Trade Movements
• LNG Volumes exported/imported by Country, 2002- 2010
• Analysis of Global LNG major companies
• Latest news across the LNG Industry

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