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India: Electricity covers the sector overview, generation performance in terms of electricity generation, plant load factor, power demand-supply position, consumption, and installed capacity, transmission and distribution, policy framework, regulatory environment, and rural electrification. It also covers the recent policy initiatives, electricity tariff, hydropower development, industry SWOT, and market outlook, plus the profile, comparative matrix, and… » read more

Posted by bharatbook introduce market report about the Carbon nanotubes are minuscule allotropes of carbon having sizes to the scale of nanometers. Their physical, electrical, and thermal properties make them special material for a number of applications. CNTs have very high tensile strength, excellent electrical conductivity, and the ability to bear high working temperatures. However, notwithstanding some… » read more

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Distribution Franchisee is the latest form of public-private partnership in the distribution sector. The proviso to Section 14 of the Electricity Act 2003 states that: “…in a case where a distribution licensee proposes to undertake distribution of electricity for a specified area within his area of supply through another person, that person shall not be… » read more

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