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As a rule, the notion of “local history” is mostly associated together with the historical understanding of the location, with their search and preservation for future generations. Some consist of nearby history towards the scientific stream, which implies methodologies, ie the principles and approaches to the study of this topic. Crucial within the presentation in the regional study is the fact that the object of his study – it’s not simply the past but also the present and also, inside a sense, the future. What we’re performing at this time, in actual fact, not a story, it’s going to have tomorrow. And any business enterprise, that is now linked to the area (edge), tomorrow is going to be a historic event within this region

In the past few years, gene therapy has come a long way to become one of the most sought after methods to develop a treatment. Despite being at a nascent stage in terms of revenue generation, the gene therapy market holds tremendous growth potential. As per a new estimation, carried out in our latest study, the global gene therapy industry will reach US$ 325 Million by the end of 2015 as new products, especially those in the advanced stage of clinical studies or with pending approvals, may enter the market to boost the growth.

According to our new research report, “Global Gene Therapy Market Analysis”, major market players are developing gene therapy-based products using the adenoviral vectors. We found that the majority of the drugs using the adenoviral vectors are in the phase I/II clinical stages. In this context, the study provides a comprehensive overview of the different vectors in the gene therapy market, and talks about major products in the pipeline and their development phase.

Through in-depth and prudent analysis of the developments taking place at the global level, we have observed that the market is presently dominated by oncology applications. A large number of companies and academic institutions are developing products, targeting different types of cancer. Other therapeutic areas, such as genetic disorder and neurological diseases are also occupying enough space in the product pipeline. An effective analysis of the key therapeutic areas has been included in our report. Market Research

The report studies how trends and drivers, including gene silencing, advanced therapies and increased use of viral vectors, among others, will propel the industry’s growth. The study of key geographies revealed that the US, Europe, Canada, China, and Japan are the major markets exhibiting healthy growth rates. It also highlighted that the highest growth rate in the

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developing countries’ gene therapy market is likely to be observed for the treatment of cancer, followed by infectious diseases, like AIDS. Our comprehensive research report also looks into the profiles of key market players, including AnGes MG and Ark Therapeutics, to provide an objective view of the global gene therapy market to clients

1. Analyst View
2. Research Methodology
3. Gene Therapy – An Introduction
3.1 Classification of Gene Therapy Techniques
3.2 Physical Methods of Gene Transfer
3.2.1 Electroporation
3.2.2 Hydrodynamic
3.2.3 Microinjection
3.2.4 Particle Bombardment
3.2.5 Ultrasound-mediated Transfection
3.3 Vectors for Gene Therapy
3.3.1 Adenoviral Vectors
3.3.2 Adeno-associated Virus Vectors
3.3.3 Retroviral Vectors
3.3.4 Lentiviral Vectors
3.3.5 Plasmid DNA
4. Industry Trends and Drivers
4.1 Gene Silencing: Gaining Momentum
4.2 Advanced Therapies: Combining Gene Therapy and Stem Cell Technology
4.3 Immunodeficiency Syndromes: The Focus of Gene Therapy
4.4 Expanded Use of Viral Vectors
4.5 Nanotechnology: Empowering Gene Therapy
4.6 Gene Therapy: A New Hope to Treat Blindness
5. Industry Overview

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